FA National Futsal League

FA National Futsal League

The FA National Futsal League is the leading elite adult Futsal league in England that has been coordinated and run by The FA since 2008. The top male Futsal clubs in the country compete in the challenging and exciting FA National Futsal League. The FA National Futsal League is split into the Super League and Division 2.

FA National Futsal League – Super League

The top division of FA National Futsal League has two regional divisions: the South and North divisions. The best futsal teams in the land play each other in the Super League in home and away matches over the course of the season.

At the end of the season the top four teams from the North and the Southern divisions progress into the Grand Final Play-Offs.  With the top two teams meeting each other in the Grand Final to determine the national champion for the season, with the winning team becoming the English representative in the UEFA Futsal Cup (the Champions League for Futsal!).


FA National Futsal League – Division Two

Beneath the top division is the Second Division. There are three regional leagues in this division: the North, South and Midlands. Teams involved in Division Two play the same format of Futsal as in the top division in terms of home and away fixtures. The top two teams from each of the divisions progress into the Promotional Play-Offs and the bottom two teams from each division will enter the Relegation Play-Offs.

The top two teams will play in the Promotional Play-Offs which will include the bottom team of each Super League.  The two top teams from the Promotional Play-Offs will play in Super League North and South for the following season.

The Relegation Play-Offs will involve the bottom two clubs from each Division 2 league, and these two clubs will need to play for their right to remain in Division 2 against clubs seeking to enter the FA National Futsal League.


The top Futsal players in the country play in the FA National Futsal Leagues, and this is where The FA selects players for the England national squad. Players and clubs in the National Futsal Leagues are dedicated and hardworking, continuously striving in their efforts to rapidly develop Futsal in this country – particularly the elite end of the game. Clubs are structured and organised and expect commitment from their players to train regularly and work hard to improve their performances. The FA National Futsal Leagues are developing and improving rapidly – these are exciting leagues to be involved with. Clubs also encourage spectators to come and watch their games and support their local team.

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