Frequently Asked Questions

England Futsal is an independent futsal organisation working in partnership with the FA and other organisations to deliver and operate participation & performance level futsal.

The FA approached representatives of England Futsal at the back end of 2021. A scoping paper was produced for discussion and has formed the basis of the SLA. A proposal went to National Game Board in August 2022. The Futsal Committee have had full sight on the proposed developments and offered unequivocal support. A draft SLA was received in November 2022 and a signed SLA was returned week commencing 12th December 2022. Above the SLA sits a Memorandum Of Understanding (signed by both parties) which commits to use best endeavours to see England Futsal and this new model flourish during the five-year tenure.

Both parties are working at speed to ensure an England Under 19 Men’s team is present and competitive during January 2023.

Communication was sent to clubs in early November 2022 from the Futsal Committee seeking nominations of eligible players. Team coaches have reviewed live games & game footage and selected a training squad.

This is not the process that will be in place moving forwards, but a necessity in this instance due to the timeframe available.

England Futsal are delighted to be able to build towards a coherent player pathway with a representative national side and in future will work towards a longer lead in time with more formal recruitment & training to the squad.

As noted, the process for the U19s tournament in January is not our long term process. Using the code of sports governance as a guide, we commit to ensuring this is done with transparency and authenticity for any further games, tournaments and events in the 5-year contractual window. Utilising Board sub-committee structures and being able to bring in executive capacity is an important set of activities for the first quarter of 2023. As with all our endeavours, we commit to do this in a manner which is open to and engaging of the expertise of the futsal community where relevant. Ensuring a duty of care to players, coaches and any MDT members is also a very important commitment we will be making.

England Futsal are aware of the FIFA press release on the 15th of December regarding a Women’s Futsal World Cup. England Futsal is committed to creating a women’s pathway: This will start like the men’s team at U19 level in the near future, with a view to develop into a senior team.

England Futsal will respond to any UEFA or FIFA sanctioned tournaments in a timely manner – although entry into any competition will remain a decision for the FA (and Futsal Committee).

As the organisation grows there will be opportunities in many aspects to support the development of the game. Keep in contact or look out on our website. We are planning on holding a series of listening events in January, and will hopefully be able to supplement that with the appointment of some executive capacity who will be able to spend time with clubs, players, coaches, administrators and volunteers.

The FA are the governing body of Futsal in England and have partnered with England Futsal to operate the game on their behalf; to support the game & the community in order to develop futsal  in England as a new forward thinking operating body – A new ‘Home of England Futsal’. We are describing ourselves as a Trusted Independent Body for Futsal in England akin to a National governing Body (please note the lower case’g’ of ‘governing’) – with responsibility for many aspects of the game and as custodians of FA investment. Our Independent Chairperson will sit on the FA Futsal Committee.

The FA are still the National Governing Body for Football & Futsal in England.

Outside of National Teams there are 5 discrete delivery areas in the SLA which include: Coaching & Coach Development, Refereeing & Referee Development, Talent Inclusion, Competitions and Schools.

The FA have chosen this route for five years to develop Futsal in England.

We cannot make any firm commitments as this juncture, but the seed funding we have been awarded gives us confidence that we can build commercial partnerships and other external relationships (e.g. Sport England, Football Foundation…), with FA approval, to bring new investment into the game. Using the principles of good governance, we need to understand and listen first, but commit to spend our time and energy doing what’s right for Futsal in England.

Moving forwards there will be delivery of  Coach Education and Referee Education (as well as work in schools, leagues and Talent Inclusion). Strong sustainable & vibrant clubs are essential to the development of Futsal in England. We are committed to supporting clubs & players.

We will be running a series of ‘An Introduction to England Futsal’ Events to update the community, listen to their views and answer their questions. Check out our Events page on this website to sign up.

We will look to work in partnership with all leagues at all levels of the Futsal pyramid.

Our commitment to this is paramount – at all levels. We will be using the Code of Governance as a reference, and ensure we co-produce a structure (e.g. of sub committees and listening forums) which the futsal community will be welcome to engage with and help bring people together for the betterment of the game.

In early 2023 we will be expanding our current board. If you are interested in hearing more please head to the ‘About Us’ page and fill in the form at the bottom of the page.